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Angela Prosper is a Seattle based product and lifestyle photographer specializing in creative services for local businesses
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Stuff you Should Know About Me

S ometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We pick away at what we love until there is nothing left to get excited about. We fear how others will judge us. We think our work is no good and give up before it ever sees the light of day.

We might even find we don’t get the support we should from the people we are closest to in these hard times but when we do, it can be just enough to sustain us for a lifetime! Below are some things you should know about me and why being a fearless cheerleader is good for everyone involved.

I was told not to pursue the arts when I was a kid because it wouldn’t make me any money and I believed that!


I actually believed it so much I stopped drawing and painting and was even embarrassed to call myself an “artist”. I let that part of me almost slip away.

I struggled for years thinking I wasn’t good enough creatively to be in the same room with other friends or peers that were excelling in their fields. I am not stylish or cutting edge by any means. I am not technical or clinical in my thinking and practice either. I don’t follow trends well and when I try, I just look silly. I never got the education I wanted and now I often feel I am too old to start which depresses me sometimes.

So much time was wasted trying to figure out what else I could do with my life.

I think back on the type of work I did then and I am amazed at what I was doing at such a young age, how creative I was.

Despite giving up on art, I never put my camera down.


My Canon A-1 is as old as I am. I barely knew how to use it when I was a teen but I took it everywhere with me. My dad took pictures of me with it when I was a baby. It has been with me all over the world. I pawned it once because I needed the money but quickly got it back, leaving me with nothing again. It is one of the few things I have that remind me of my time with my dad.

I never thought I would be a photographer.


It was something I could do with friends and it helped me to connect with the world. I was a shy teen. I enjoyed the complexity of it and the surprise of seeing the images once my film was developed. The happy accidents and the mistakes. The romance of it. I never knew how much it would stick and it still excites me to see my images today but I thought I was going to own a small cafe somewhere….really I did (I may still!)

I was a horrible photographer actually (of course I was!) but I loved shooting. I kept shooting and learning. I kept trying new things and experimenting. It wasn’t until I met Grant that someone else saw potential in me to do more with it. He helped me see my own potential again and inspired me to do art again. He is my biggest critic and my biggest fan. He gushes about me and my work. He makes me believe that I CAN make money doing this and my confidence has grown. I no longer feel like the camera is a mystery or just a hobby but an extension of myself.

I call myself a photographer now because I AM! People pay me to do it! I do it well!

It feels good to feel good about what you do.


Because of all the appreciation and support from my cheerleaders (You know who you are and thank you) I busted into 2018 with 5 new clients and 7 returning clients all booking to work with me in just the last few weeks! This may seem small to some but for me it was huge because it showed me what a little support can do.

Lessons Learned


1. Be a cheerleader!

Support the ones you love fearlessly.

2. Be Grateful and Show It!

Let people know when you appreciate them and what they are doing is amazing to you. As much as possible. Like everyday!

3. Grow your Confidence

This is hard but you can do it. Don’t be a narcissist just be proud of your hard work! You earned it!

4. Practice your Craft

It really does make perfect. The more you practice the more your talents can grow.

5. Don’t be Catty

Don’t be this person. Don’t be too good to show love and support for others, especially your friends. They deserve better than that.

6. Share your knowledge

Are you a person with an amazing skill? Share it! Trust me on this.

7. Don’t give a fuck what others think of you and your work.

Don’t do it to impress anyone. It never does.


8. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something…because…money.

My biggest regret. But lesson learned.


In 2017 I lost my father and soon after that, my boyfriend did too. It was a blur of a year. Full of frustration, sadness and insecurity.

As the year slowed down into the holidays, I started to get excited again about what the new year would bring. I work hard for what I have and I am committed to do the same and more this year. How about you?

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