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Angela Prosper is a Seattle based product and lifestyle photographer specializing in creative services for local businesses
Angela Prosper, Angela Prosper Photography, Seattle, Product Photographer, Jewelry Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Small Business Services, Creative Services, Website Design, Food Photographer, Photography, Graphic Designer
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  • Video Teaser for my latest jewelry shoot with Rain City Forge.

  • It was an amazing trip. Easy to fall in love wit this city. The food, the music. We had such an adventure.

  • Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We pick away at what we love until there is nothing left to get excited about. We fear how others will judge us. We think our work is no good and giv

  • This was the first time I have been to New Orleans. I remember driving by the city on my way back to Florida. I was helping a friend move across the country and it was only a year after Katr

  • I was all of 20 years old when I moved to L.A. I took the greyhound bus from Florida to Vegas for a music weekender. When the party was over in Vegas, I didn't want to go back to Florida. I